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The Surtee Sunni Vohra Muslim Education Society

Dear Daughter Nareen Nanabawa,
I Salim F. Patel on behalf of the Surtee Sunni Vohra Muslim Education Society, thanking you and applaud you for your ideas, Input and enthusiasm towards our community. I would personally like to appreciate all the hard work and diligent effort that you have put in making blogs and websites for our community.
Wish you all the best
With best Regards
Salim F. Patel Chairman

Dear Daughter Nasreen Nanabawa
I Ahmed M. Unia sincerely thank you for dedicated work towards our community. I on behalf of President the Surtee Sunni Vohra Muslim Education Society heartily appreciating you because your work is truly commendable with divine you have set new benchmark for our community progress
On behalf of management, I thank you once again for such a noble cause toward our community.
With best Regards
Ahmed M. Unia

Dear Daughter Nasreen Nanabawa
I on Behalf of Mr. Yusuf I. Patel heartily appreciating you for the humble cause that you have started up for our community. I heartily thank you from bottom of heart for such a outstanding work for community. Your effort are uncountable, you are worthy of the respect.
With best Regards
Yusuf I. Patel
Hon. Secretary

Dear Daughter Nasreen nanabawa
I Mahamed M. BhanaPatel on behalf on the Surtee Sunni Vohra Muslim Education Society would like to express to you our warmest admiration for your unfailing service towards our community. We greatly appreciate you for such a brilliant work
God Bless You
With best Regards

Dear Sister Nasreen Nanabawa
Hope and make Dua that you are well I learnt to that you have started website as wel blogs for our vohra community its two be appreciated well don sister now it will help our community member to know re about us, we will be in near and here by your efforts hope needed information will be included by you in web.

Congratution and many many thanks from Jiyauddin A. Kazi.
With best Regards,
Jiyauddin A. Kazi.
assistant secretary.